© 2017 by Taylor Tucker 

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do what i do and then let me know how it goes

say what i say and then tell me what you know

emulate me and then look at a mirror and what do you see?


can your purpose and existence ever be overcome with mine?

can my style and grace be converted to yours if you prayed for it to?

how much can you do without being you?

will your actions not be reported as your own,

since they were “mine” in your mind?

will the words exit your mouth,

though in your recollections they frequently leave my lips?

reincarnated in you, can another ever truly exist?


desist the efforts to “be like---”

because on your hardest try,

reality will appear to appease thou envious desires

until it snickers “sike--!”

at the end of the longest hike--

there would be a million more mountains to climb

at the end of the longest dive, the abyss reached will be endless

one can NEVER overcome this

it is the untouchable bliss.