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Yellow is My Favorite Color

Yellow is my favorite color. Why? Great question.


I have loved yellow since I was a little girl. It all started with Power Rangers. My older brother loved the show and movies, so of course I followed along with his interests as a child. The yellow ranger was a black woman, and so I most identified with her and therefore, loved yellow!


Since then, I have aged and have become more detached from Power Rangers. When I was a teen, my aunt asked me,

                      “Why do you like the color yellow?”

I thought that her question was weird. What do you mean? I just do. She then proceeded to say,

                      “You must like things that are yellow...right?”

I thought to myself,

                      “Yes. I love bananas! Bananas are my favorite fruit, and                             they are yellow! I also love wearing the color yellow! It’s                           brightness makes me happy. It also represents optimism,                         as the bright yellow sunshine usually signifies the start                             of a new day and new opportunities.”


But what else? Is there a deeper explanation?


Many may love a color but cannot support their reasoning with half of what I have just said.

Must everything have a reason why? Are there any things that we just do aimlessly and without thought? If so, is this wrong?

This Spring Break, I took a “Trip to Learn in NYC”. This trip was independently organized by myself using Eventbrite, LinkedIn, and e-mail to meet with awesome people and to attend great events. One of the things that I went to was the Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturday. I viewed an exhibit all about the Color of Blue throughout history. It made me reflect again on my favorite color, and why it was so.


I compiled a mental collage of all my favorite yellow things, as the exhibit did for items throughout history, I loved the Yellow Power Ranger, bananas, sunflowers, yellow dresses, and yellow makes me feel good. There are really no concrete reasons behind why I love this color other than some things that just are.



I applied this concept to other things in life. Is there a reason why I have chosen my current profession - student? I charge you reader to think about your favorites that are rarely up for discussion, like your favorite food,  time to get work done, television show, and hobbies. Take some time to consider why those are your favorites. Maybe you will discover a new element(s) to who you are.