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Me and All My Bags

Passenger1 in Line: “Why you grocery shopping on the bus?!”

  “It’s not a want but a must”

   I gotta do this so don’t rush me, me and all my bags gotta get through...”

Passenger1 in Line:“Ughh I can’t believe you!”

  “Well then believe the fake ‘cuz this is real

    It may be hard to carry these bags on this bus, but my arm welts will heal

    Now I gotta get on…”

Lady Passenger in Front: “Unhunhh, you can’t fit”

  “What do you mean?!

   There’s enough space on here for me to squeeze,

   And If you don’t make room, I’ll take me and all my bags and lead

   A path to the back

   You’re sitting up here denying that crack between his and her back...”


Bus driver: Come on now, we gotta go

   "And so do I, looks like everyone is ready except for her though..."

Bus driver to Lady Passenger in Front: Ma’am please move back to let the lady on

    "All I need is a pinch of room and me and all my bags can carry on."


And with that I fit into a square foot of space

Not much room to take conventionally, I had my bags pressed up into my face

But I was in...and for me, that was a win

...Almost home


To kids that I can barely feed alone, but I do

I struggle, but GOD always makes a way

All I need is for people to let me and all my bags through….