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That Thing In My Chest

man it’s crazy that you really can be in love all alone
that you feel life’s greatest prize/realization/gift all alone
that one person can pull the life from your chest without even trying their best
they’ve found all your cheat codes but weren’t even playing the love game with you
yet they’re winning, winning big time
you feel happy, sad, stimulated, and more just from interacting with that person
it’s so crazy because you’re not even really a thing
just something that he does to waste time and you do to spend yours
just something that occasionally occupies his mind but always blows yours
just something that he stumbled upon to find, yet you’ve journeyed to discover
he’s your treasure
and you treasure
while you’re just his momentary pleasure
it’s so hard to gather my thoughts on this
because even though it’s bliss when we connect
i can’t guarantee that you’ll be there the next
moment, day, when i'’ll need you to say
those phrases that rolled off your tongue so easily the other day
they made my day, and i need them to make it again, and again, and again
this is not right, and this is not how it’s supposed to be
i’'m me and you should be going after me
not the other way around at all