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melanin matches up

but he wanna get our boxing matches up

why can’t we just team up?


                         he thinks i can’t attain the same

not room for the both of us, only one of us,

and he believes that it should be him


no uplifting, just downgrading me

and with each conversation he injects negativity

he is apart of that race of blacks that believes black and black teamwork won’t work


                  but let me be quite explanatory

you need me and i need you---so why must this relationship be fought?

dismembered and falsely called unrealistic ----


it’s ballistic that your actions land you in the same place and in need for my advice,

though now it’s missing

stop dissing


I am for you until you build the defense

my fence was open until the verbal battery you commenced


so how can i positively transcend this situation?

----ooooo it’s soooo hard

this one is sooooo hard….


I’ll tell y’all how it goes