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My Poetry

"In the 5th grade, I fell in love with the singing group, B5..."



"...Even though I could not sing, [I still can't, but that doesn't stop me from belting it out on the daily!] I wanted to be in a singing group, so that I could be friends with B5 (lol). Therefore, I started to write songs!..."

Songwriting lead me to poetry, and eventually, I began to use writing as an outlet for my emotions. Whenever I was extremely happy, really sad, or crazily frustrated, I would write.

My poetry has been kept private - only being shared with my family and close friends - until now. I want to enter into community with others experiencing similar things. These poems are mainly reflective of my experiences, but are also infused with some creativity. These words are mine, but I hope that you find a phrase or two that represents you, too. 

- Taylor Tee