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"I just want to do all that I can to help!..."

                                    - Taylor Tucker

I was born and raised in Chicago, IL, and my involvement in professional development and scholarship programs began in high school and continued through college. Therefore, I have a wealth of knowledge in regards to essay writing and young professional development. Most notably, I am a Gates Millennium Scholar. Below are other awards that I have been selected to receive and organizations that I have been chosen to join.   

In my pursuit to attain each of these opportunities, my writing skills were my greatest asset. I have always enjoyed writing, but in helping other students apply for opportunities, I realized that the love was not universal. "Apply to scholarships!," is very common advice given to students, but it may be hard to apply to many opportunities, if one struggles to write. Even though I naturally enjoy writing, I still received coaching and revision guidance from teachers and scholars. However, many students do not have access to these resources.


I have created a section on this website to help students brainstorm essay writing topics, revise their essays, and set a plan to invest in their professionalism at a young age. Interested students may simply book a 30 minute or 1 hour session on my calendar through the bookings page. I have also reached out to some of my peers who are excelling at various universities to offer their expertise! Stay tuned for more staff updates, and tell a friend to tell a friend about this FREE service!

DISCLAIMER:: It is certainly possible to attain any scholarship and/or professional development opportunity without writing coaching. Moreover, the consulting services offered through this website do not guarantee scholarship monies or program acceptance.