© 2017 by Taylor Tucker 

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They’re okay now…….

But you’re bent out of shape --thrown ALL out the way now

Hard to have a good day now

Your sorrow and gloom is too heavy to easily sway out the way now

No, there’s nothing to me that you can say now



….They’re gone

Someone should have told me that would be the last time I would hear them call my name

The last time that things would ever be the same

The last time that we would engage in phone tag---our favorite game

But this time they won forever

I won’t ever---

Be able to catch them


They ran to a place I can’t stumbleupon

Even though my passion to get there rumbles along

It’s too far away from me

It’s so hard for me to accept this destiny

I want them still next to me

And I don’t want to hear about how they are, invisibly

I want to see them - body and soul - visibly


Mentally, my mind is knocking against its own walls

Thinking about how that person used to call

What they used to say

How they used to say it...

But no matter how many times I try to replay it

I can’t exactly replicate it---

Their magnificent tune

I know I’m wrong because God is always right

But gosh darnit’ they were simply GONE TOO SOON


It hurts now and my pain flows through my eye sockets

But this is the easy part

Because I know as time goes on, the pain will pour out from my inner pockets

Be released under it all from my soul

Her absence will continuously burrow a deep hole


I want someone to console me,

but I don’t know how they could console me



Now without my Auntie

She’s a piece of me

A part of my heart


She’s helped shape me

Helped to mold the person that I am

Gave me confidence to say to many difficult feats, I can!


How do I go on?


Yea be strong,

But I don’t want to forget her

I feel like I need to tell everyone that she LIVED

That she WAS

Just because….

She was amazing

She was great


So it’s hard for me to say that she’s deceased

Forehead creased because I’m confused with that title

The text messages and voicemails that I have of her are still alive so how can I say that she’s dead?

She still talks to me in my head


So each day she’ll help me get through this

Sitting right with God who already knew this

Was coming...

So with their loving, I can make it