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Life is about YOUR “What” and “Why”  not the “When” or “How” So stop stressing about those!

As a young professional with a lot of access to professional development tools and planning methodologies, I found myself stressing a lot about the timing of my academic and career progression. However, I have realized that life is not about that. As long as I am able to accomplish what I want to the extent of my purpose, I am fulfilled. It actually has become irrelevant that my original timetable of things has been disrupted by some detours of my life plan.


For instance, my graduation from undergrad has been extended because I transferred schools after my sophomore year of college. My later graduation date is so minute compared to the benefits that I have reaped as a result of my decision to transfer. I realized that the only person that actually cared about when I graduated was myself. I was self-inducing deadlines that did not matter. The “whens” and “hows” always work out for themselves.


This concept was also affirmed for me this summer. I wanted to volunteer for the American Black Film Festival in Miami, Florida. However, I did not have enough money to buy a round-trip plane ticket there, nor a hotel room during my stay. My “how” was unanswered. But GOD showed up and out, coming through with a scholarship from another opportunity that I was able to use to fund my travel and hotel room stay. I spontaneously became roommates with several other young women who were probably the best relationships that I forged at the festival. It was perfect, and everything worked out because I had a cemented “what” and a sincere “why” for pursuing it. All else was handled for me.


Focus on what it is that you want and why you want it. Let intentionality reign supreme.