© 2017 by Taylor Tucker 

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Do you know how it is to zone out on life?
Being completely active in another universe
and you think it’s right?
Forgetting you’re a citizen, but knowing
that for some reason, at this moment,
in a random chair, your body sits in ---
Your body exists in,
Though, you are only within
It is a casing, so why do others
mark your being by its motion?
Why isn’t your presence measured
by the potency of your internal potion---
The magic of your spirit
I don’t get it
But I know how it feels
I’m sitting in a room,
mind hot as the sun, but body getting chills
I am removed
And in response to your shouting, I am unmoved
I’m not here
Yea, I guess I can hear
And of course you’re standing in front of me,
so I can see you near,
but even with shears,
I can’t be cut
In this moment I feel so long
Above time
Why is being like this so wrong?
'Cuz it’s inconvenient for you?
I’m not coherent to be attentive to what you do?
I’m tapping into me
Learning about how I am internally
A brave girl or a shy beast
A "give it here!" or a "please"
A ‘know it all’ or a dumby
A “gotta get this call…” or a “darn, guess I missed 10 of these”
I’m falling in love with myself, so don’t accuse me of apathy,
Can’t you think of anyone but yourself?

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